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3D visualization

What is 3D visualization?​

3D visualization refers to the conversion of technical drawings and two-dimensional data into three-dimensional virtual models or rooms. The 3D data is either freely modeled in a 3D program or existing CAD data is imported. 3D visualization is a combination of technology and design that can be used to demonstrate products. The models are created and rendered in 3D software.

How can 3D visualization be of interest to you?​

The virtual designs are used in many industries. Among other things in game development, automotive industry, consumer goods industry, architecture and interior design. The visualizations make products and rooms more attractive. This offers the advantage that the customer can better visualize the product and gain an insight into the product.

We at FPApps work with you to develop your individual presentation of your products. This allows us to create VR applications so that the customer can get a virtual picture of the product.

The functionality of the application is specified by you, so that we can implement it in Unity and Unreal. Everything can be realized here, from a color change of the model to the representation of different products.

Benefits of 3D visualization

Photorealistic illustrations allow customers to get a better picture of the product and make the customer’s experience more exciting and interesting.

Visualizations increase flexibility through quick and inexpensive illustrations of different variations of the product, different views and even a virtual inspection of the object.


A 3D model on the screen can already be described as a 3D visualization. It gets interesting when you want to output the visualization. The “render” technique is used for this. Software calculates the final image. You not only see the product to be shown, but a scene is output with the objects and their material properties. There are also light sources that can create an atmosphere and represent realistic lighting.


Animations are especially important for representations of processes, digital persons and characters. We at FPApps bring your models to life and create short videos or complete compositions of the objects to be moved. This can be functions of the models, movement sequences or representations. By creating physically correct cameras and materials, the animation of the model can be displayed in a photo-realistic way.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is reaching more and more people and the quality is constantly increasing. FPApps helps you to program your models and functions, the models, and to present them in the common VR glasses. The variations are very diverse and can be independent applications for PCs or mobile devices. Furthermore, FPApps also offers the service of 360° video creation.


We at FPApps specialize in programming using c# and c++. The functions are programmed according to customer requirements in the Unity Engine or in the Unreal Engine. Functions are programmed for the common VR glasses according to customer requirements and output in the desired platform. This can be mobile devices, PC-based VR glasses or mobile VR glasses. We are happy to support you in all aspects of your product visualization.

Visualize, present and bring ideas to life. FPApps helps you to design your products and present them realistically.

  • product visualization
  • interior design
  • architecture
  • 3D movie
  • prototypes
  • Design for brands and advertising

With the help of the game engine Unity, your products are displayed in a 3D environment in real time. The interactive control is programmed and adapted by us according to your wishes.

  • interactive controls
  • Programming the functionality
  • VR applications
  • mobile applications
  • C# programming

With the help of the Unreal Engine, your products become experiences in a 3D real-time environment. The realistic display and interactive controls will inspire you.

  • Interactive controls
  • VR applications
  • Blueprint / C++ programming
  • Programming the functionality

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